The Basement Tapes - The Acapellas


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The acapellas from the 2012 Animal Nation album "The Basement Tapes vol.1"

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released October 26, 2012

Recorded by Animal Nation at Animal Nation studios



Track Name: 04 - The Corner of Broadway 126BPM
Monday damn, another week, another hand,
another chance to not finish any of my plans,
so I called on Sam and he asked me where I am,
"On the corner of Broadway, looking for a gram."
Now Sam ran the local weed scene, believe me,
best BC to ever hit these streets,
These streets, these streets, what a wonderful place,
So many souls yet so few faces,
Fancying chances, but staring into space,
I'm just waiting for a gram from Sam to get wasted,
Now Sam walked hand in hand with Julie,
everyone wanted Julie, she was a beauty,
damn, I thought I'd give it a try, man,
Sam ain't my friends, kid's just a supplier,
So I got her number from her best friend Kim,
Who incidentally worked right next to Tim,
now Tim was a friend of mine from back in the day,
kid moved out from Cali and had nowhere to stay,
said his mother was crazy, used to beat him on the daily,
with bruises to prove it, the picture was painted,
stayed at my place, it was a wonderful life,
I'd sell my soul to the devil if it'd keep him alright,
so Tim introduced me to Kim who met him
when she came in to borrow a pen,
See, Kim came in, tripped, landed on her shin,
Tim helped her up and damn, they've been friends ever since,
So now I had it, but continued to wonder,
weather one's best interest was in this number,
'cause see, I was sort of seeing someone on the side,
on the sidelines of fun, I wasn't looking for a bride,
I was looking for a good time, but more than that,
I was looking for a beautiful mind to chatter back,
I was wilin', set fate free and started dialing,
gliding on a jet that was never meant to fly,
why? She said sure. Time? Took a left turn,
My woman got word, and it all went awry,
I was left with no less than everything I knew
that I would have to come to witness when I first met Julie.
These two girls blew me off and caught a flick,
about a man, waiting for Sam to get lit.

On the Corner of Broadway tunnel vision's got me,
just waiting for a gram from Sam to get wasted,
On the Corner of Broadway, like looking down a hallway,
Just waiting for a gram from Sam to get lit,
On the Corner of Broadway tunnel vision's got me,
just waiting for a gram from Sam to get wasted,
On the Corner of Broadway, like looking down a hallway,
Just waiting for a gram from Sam to get lit.
Track Name: 07 - The Lasagna Song 113BPM
I grab my knife as well as my bonnet, I'm going to need it if I want
to make a pot of hot lasagna,
I stop, and think for a minute, get the casserole dish and put my wet
noodles in it,
Pre-boiled, it's all the rage, if noodles were a woman than we'd be engaged,
add the sauce, tonight is tomato, ran out of salt so I had to add play-doh,
And let it cook, and let it cook, and let it cook, don't let it burn now,
and watch it cook, and see it cook, make sure it's golden brown or
we'll have bad words now,

Damn, who does this dude think he is, sticking me in the oven without
preheating it,
When I meet this dick I'm going to see to it that I'm frozen in the
middle, so cold that he won't it this,
If I was made of chicken I'd make sure it's nice and raw,
but I've got some beef with him, e.coli's all I've got,
What now? I know he likes me golden brown,
So I'ma hold it down, in the oven 'til I'm black and crusted,
Then he'll have to take a bus to McD's and chow down,
a quarter pounder with cheese down town 'til his loud mouth stands down,
I like it golden brown,
Too bad, I'll be so black that my innards scold your mouth,

This is going to be so yummy, I sure hope it fills my tummy,
Stab, cut, chomp,
Ow, why are you eating me? I'm not golden brown!
Oh no! Now I know it's a little overcooked,
even though I did every thing according to the book,
These preboiled noodles that are all the rage,
are apparently a scam and I'm enraged!

Words! We must have them, I'll go first,
Chicken, Swimming, Kitchen, Thirst,
Silver, Straw, Pickle, Purse,
Ah! Okay, now you win that round, but this time you're going down!
Auto, Potty, Scooter, Naughty, Picture Pot of Hot Lasagna,
Took a Turnip, Left a Lighter, Lost the Lotto, Carolina,
Ah! Double damn, foiled again, these pre-boiled noodles are not my friend.

Now that I'm baked and I've made my escape,
I'ma sit here on the counter 'til he throws me away,
Soak up rays from the window, say hello to some babes,
Hope and pray that Garbage Joe don't show today,
Life isn't that bad being a Lasagna,
You get super baked and you meat a lot of mozza,
If only they could make the shelf life last longer,
That would be awesome.